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Frog kisses

Sunny St. Clair is on the verge of having it all. She’s engaged to a successful man, on her way to becoming an attorney, and a safe distance from her eccentric, more than slightly embarrassing, New Age family. That is, until she discovers both her fiancé and career choice are far less than ideal.

When Sunny’s world falls apart, her brother Atlas, a noted psychic, encourages her to embark on her “true” path, but won’t tell her how or where it is. Now alone and fearing certain spinsterhood at the ripe old age of 25, she begins a hapless and comic journey to find Mr. Right. Her family wonders when Sunny will be jolted to her senses and realize her dream life was designed for the person she thinks she wants to be, not for who she actually is.

Will she ever meet her prince or only a series of toads? Only Atlas knows and he isn’t saying.


“Frog Kisses has everything—humor, pathos, romance, and wisdom. It’s a rare book that can make you laugh out loud on one page and cry on the next, and tie it all up with a happy ending.”
—Jess Lourey, author of the Murder by Month series

“Frog Kisses is an eclectic mix of brilliantly funny characters that caused me to laugh out loud.”
—Maggie Marr, author of the Hollywood Girl’s Club Series

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